WEAPONS POLICY is a property of 5280 Publishing, a Colorado Incorporated company. We do not sell weapons.

This includes but may not be limited to:

Firearms (as defined by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF))
Ammuntion does not have a federal firearm license (FFL) from the ATF and thus is not authorized to sell, receive, transfer, or ship firearms to businesses, organizations, non-profits, military personnel, or private citizens. In the possible event that may sponsor or promote a giveaway, a 3rd party that is properly licensed will manage the transaction and fulfillment of any of the above items.

Occasionally, its employees, contractors, or affiliates may refer to firearms, ammunition, or other dangerous or combustible regulated items in an effort to inform and educate readers, customers, or other users but in no way does sale or participate in any sales or transfer of these items.

For additional information about buying, selling, or transferring firearms or other weapons please contact local legal representation.
As a company we believe in and support American citizens in their right to defend themselves and loved ones from the various threats that surround us. In order to continue our efforts which include the content we write, our podcast, video channels, mobile app, online store, and much more; we have to be profitable enough to pay our employees and cover our expenses. We have found significant challenges that arise when we sell any of the above items.

Restrictions with advertising platforms, merchant services, banks, and other necessary business systems exist when a company sells these products. Our current business model would become impossible to operate at profitability should we abandon fully all those services that have those prohibitions. Oftentimes these restrictions do not exist purely for a political reason but for a financial one. For example, the merchant providers we work with to accept credit card payments have to maintain liability coverage in order to operate their business at a level of profitability and that liability coverage prevents them from processing transactions which involve weapons as stated above.