Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Identity And Money
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The Only Way To Protect Your Identity, Credit Card And Passport Data From Digital Pickpockets - See What The Major Media Has To Say...
During 2015 all the major credit card providers (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and the majority of banks began installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips in your credit and debit cards.
The government even puts them in your passport and now any crook with a $25 scanner from Amazon can read all the information on your cards and passport with the press of a button. And once they do they can rack up charges on your cards, empty your bank account, steal your identity and ruin your credit in mere hours.
The Card Safeguard RFID Blocker Keeps All Your Personal Info Safe And Away From The Prying Eyes Of Digital Pickpockets.
Over $16,000,000,000 Was Stolen In 2014 Due To Identity Theft...
Do You Want To Be The Next Victim?
That's $43,835,616.44 stolen per day - you must protect yourself...

Right now we are giving away a FREE Card Safeguard System (a $49.99 value) to the next 500 people who claim theirs today to get the word out about this incredible identity protection system.

The Card Safeguard is the same size as a normal credit card and a bit thinner and fits right into your wallet, purse or bag.
Brand New Advanced,
Cutting Edge Technology
The Card Safeguard was designed with an advanced, proprietary metal alloy that creates a unbreakable force field  around up to 6 RFID enabled credit cards, debit cards, your drivers license, military ID or passport at a time and block any transmission of your personal and financial information.  This technology is far superior to any of the other "cheap" RFID blocking technology you see from our competitors... In fact, the Card SafeGuard even beats the current RFID blocking technology used by the military.
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