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From: Frank Mitchell

Re: Your Free SOS Pocket Survival Kit

Everything You Need To Handle Just About Any Situation In One Small Easy To Carry Box

Muti-Function Pliers With, Bright LED Light, Knife, Philips and Flathead Screwdrivers and Can Opener.

Ferro Rod And Steel To Start A Fire Wherever You Need To. Over 3,000 Degrees Will Light Nearly Anything...

Survival Whistle To Call For Help Or Signal Your Group Of Your Location

Small Travel Compass So You Always Know Which Way To Go

10-Function Stainless Steel Card Knife With Saw, Allen Wrenches, Hex Wrenches, Bottle & Can Opener, Screw Driver, Knife, Ruler, Wing-Nut Wrench, Direction Finder

Wire Saw To Cut Wood For Firewood And Path Clearing

Backed By The Knowledge And Experience Of Over 20 Years Of Military Service And Over 130,000 Happy Customers
"You know, it is a pleasure to deal with a company which considers the 
customer as a equal! You have always been there to answer my questions 
as requested, and that shows class, and pride for which you work.
Thanks again,
- John"
"I want you to know that I think your service is outstanding.The messages were prompt and very courteous. Keep up the good work and Good Luck to you.

- Sandra Barbee"
I’m Frank Mitchell, a proud member of the US Armed Forces and a certified disaster and survival expert.

After over 20 years in the Armed Forces, 60 FEMA certifications and hundreds of hours of survival, preparedness and evasion training I've learned a thing or two. 

And the most important thing I've ever learned is:

The only thing that really matters is what you have in your pocket when a disaster strikes

People spend hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars on survival food, building bunkers in their backyard, firearms and every other sort of survival gear you can think of.

But you know what? 

When a disaster strikes your chances of being at home with all that "survival gear" are about 1 in 10.

That means 9 times out of 10 you'll be in your car, at the mall, at a friend's house, at work or any of the other dozens of places you go during the week.

So what happens then? 

Well, if you're smart and have your SOS Pocket Survival Kit you'll already have many of the tools you need to stay safe right in your pocket, car or purse; easy to access when you need them.
All This Packed Into One Small, Light, Rock Hard Metal Case About The Size Of An Altoids Tin
So What Do People Think Of The SOS Pocket Survival  Kit?

"Hi, Just want to let you know that I appreciate you sharing with us the knowledge about several things. These past couple days, I used the information you shared as we had to live without power for half a day, as the temperature was at 3 degrees. Few people I know, had the information you shared. Thank you so much.  
Warm Regards,  
- Unruan Sasithorn

"THANK YOU, Frank!
I have taken your advice and am ready if anything happens....look forward to your emails so I can read and realize that I didn't think or the things you talk about.Thank You for allowing us who haven't been through this kind of thing, to be able to become ready. You're a life saver, it's becoming scary, to say the least...
- Chuck "
PLUS + I'm Going To Send You A FREE Copy (Normally $27) Of My Newest Book: "23 Items You Must Stockpile Now"
There are 23 critical items you must have in your possession if you plan to survive any sort of disaster. 

From food to medical supplies, these 23 items are the things that will be swept from the grocery store shelves within hours of a disaster.

This simple guide will show you what those 23 items are, why you need them and exactly how much you should have on in your survival supply stock.

I've never published this book before and you will be the first to get a copy free when you make the wise decision to claim your FREE SOS Pocket Survival Kit today.

Claim Your SOS Pocket Survival Kit And I'll Send You "23 Items You Must Stockpile Now" 100% Free As My Way Of Saying "Thanks"
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I just ordered 2,500 SOS Kits and it cost me a TON. I can't spend that kind of money again so once these 2,500 kits are gone, they're gone - I would highly recommend you claim your SOS Pocket Survival Kit right now and save 50%!
Not only are you getting a SOS Pocket Survival Kit at 50% OFF and a FREE copy of "23 Items You Must Stockpile Now" but you also get 365 days of FREE 1-on-1 support and consultation with me. I'm here to answer any questions you have any make sure you know how to keep your family safe.
If you have any questions at all you can just pick up the phone or type up an email and you'll have your answers immediately. 
Go ahead click the green button and claim your SOS Pocket Survival Kit and save 50%, get the "23 Items You Must Stockpile Now" digital book and 365 days of email and 1-on-1 phone support absolutely FREE. There are no catches, no hidden billing.

Make sure to send in your feedback once you get your kit, I'd love to hear from you...

Always Safe, Always Prepared,

Frank Mitchell
A Few More Testimonials From Our Incredible Customers....

"Frank that shows class. You're not out to just make a buck. You're a family man just like me concerned with the goings on in this world today & how we can keep our families safe. But you take it a step further & let folks know not only can they be safe in whatever crisis there may be but they can fight back & be prosperous in any crisis. Frank you just showed me with that email you just sent that you are not just another oblivious person trying to make a buck on others emotions but rather you want other families to be able to protect themselves just as you would your own family, that says a lot & I appreciate it thank you.
- Loren Summers "

"Thank you so much Frank, I really don't know who you are and I took a risk ordering your (product). I am a super skeptical person, and I have deleted or ignored 100's of advertisements and emails that I thought were just scams, but I can honestly say that purchasing your product was a huge blessing! I just got it literally a couple of days ago. I am so grateful of what you are doing and this means so much to me that I must share it with you so you are reminded of the difference you are making in people's lives. I am at work right now so I cannot divulge at this time, but you will hear from me again. Again, thank you and may God bless and protect our families.
- Richard Dones"

I've received hundreds of letters and emails just like these and love every single one we get! People feel safer because they have a SOS Pocket Survival Kit in their pocket, purse or car and now it's your turn.

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