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From: Frank Mitchell

Re: Your Free Copy Financial Armageddon

Let Me Show You Something Absolutely Shocking...
That Is A LIVE Report Of The Current US National Debt According To The US Treasury As Of Nov 13, 2017
If each and every citizen in the US were forced to pay in order to clear the debt our own Government has created it would cost every man, woman and child at almost $63,000. Do you have an extra $63,000 lying around?

But, the reality is MUCH worse. Since children obviously aren't going to be paying the responsibility lies in the hands of each US taxpayer, people like you and me.

And we all owe over $208,000.

That's $208,000 you and I would have to pay out of our pockets to bring the United States Of America back to solvency.
Over $208,000 Owed By Each US Taxpayer
Now, I don't know about you, but I sure do hate paying taxes. Yes, they pay for every Federal program in the US, from the Military to the President's salary, every dollar comes from taxes. But, the reality of the issue is that those tax dollars are being misappropriated and misused by the very people who have taken an oath to protect the lives and liberty of every American citizen.
Examine This Compelling Evidence
$125 Billion In Wasted Tax Dollars - That's Your Money Being Literally Flushed Down A $10,000 Toilet That You Paid For!...
The simple fact here is that your own Government is wasting your hard earned dollars at the fastest rate in recorded history. Trillions per year are being burned with no end in sight.

They're just printing more money to cover the debt and with every dollar printed the value of the US Dollar drops in the World economy, and it's happening all day, every day.

And that leads to one simple fact: INFLATION on a grand scale
Even President Trump Is Forecasting A Collapse

And that’s exactly why I wrote Financial Armageddon, Your Foolproof Guide To Surviving The Impending Collapse for you.

It’s based on over 24 months of research and consultation with many of the World's top economic experts.

Everyone agrees, things are going to get worse before they get better, and this book shows you what you MUST do NOW...

I’ve collected all the knowledge they have about how to prepare for and survive a financial collapse. And I created a simple set of steps you can follow to make sure you and your family don't get knocked down when the economy crashes in the near future.

You’ll find out how to identify every spot in your current plan and plug those holes without having to spend any extra money!
Financial Armageddon Will Show You Things Like...
  • The one thing that WILL absolutely cause a financial collapse, regardless of what shenanigans the FED tries to pull to stop it...
  • How any average Joe or Jane can watch the warning signs of a full-scale financial collapse BEFORE it actually happens and take action to prevent it from affecting them.
  • On page 15 you'll discover exactly the steps the Government will take once a collapse begins. These steps will hurt and hurt badly and you need to know what's in store before it starts happening.
  • The 7 simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from suffering when the mistakes of our own Government finally come to haunt us all and the SH*$ really does hit the fan.
  • The one type of money you absolutely MUST NOT invest in, even though financial advisors and banks will tell you they are perfectly safe. On page 17 you'll see how they're really worth less than the paper this book is printed on.
  • Why you can't trust banks and how they are literally built to benefit the Government and not American citizens like you and I. Hint - in 1933 all safe deposit boxes were sealed by order of the President and their contents searched and where did the money go, I'll give you one guess!
  • You'll learn what the only true valuable assets in life are and how having them, and exactly how much of them will protect you from a financial meltdown.
  • How to buy the correct assets at the best prices, from the best places to ensure you don't lose a penny on fees, trades, or upcharges.
  • What the wrong kinds of assets are. On page 23 you'll see how scam artists are trying to separate you with your hard earned money in exchange for worthless assets that they call "valuable"
  • How to hide cash so no one can find it, or confiscate it. Like I said before, banks aren't safe, by following the steps on page 31 you'll know the right way to hide cash so you can use it whenever you need it.
  • What other items you should be hording that may make the difference between life and death once the dollar loses it's value, you probably already have some of this stuff sitting around already, but don't even know it!
Let Me Make One Thing Crystal Clear - You Do Not Need To Be Rich To Prepare For And Survive A Financial Collapse
You don't need to have gobs of money squirreled away, you don't need sacks of gold and silver, and you don't need giant swaths of land.

All you truly need to intelligently make it through a collapse is the right information, which is exactly what you'll discover when you read Financial Armageddon.

By following the simple steps in this book you'll know how to stretch every dollar you have now, the right way, to prepare for and survive the impending collapse.

You won't have to scrimp and save to do this either, any average American has the ability to prepare properly by simply following these steps.

And to celebrate the first printed release of Financial Armageddon and to get the word out you can get your copy for FREE today.

Financial Armageddon Will Sell For $37 When It's Released To The Public, But You Can Get Yours For Free Today!
Why on Earth are we giving it away for free?

Another simple answer for you - Because No American Should Suffer Due To The Idiotic Mistakes Of Our Own Government!

I refuse to stand idly by and watch people suffer when there is a better way, a way to secure the future of your family without relying on the morons running this country.

And to celebrate the first printing run of Financial Armageddon we've decided to give away these first 2,000 copies for free if you can just help with the cost to ship it to your door.

Here's What A Few Of Our Customers Have To Say...

"THANK YOU, Frank!
I have taken your advice and am ready if anything happens....look forward to your emails so I can read and realize what I didn't think or the things you talk about.Thank You for allowing us who haven't been through this kind of thing, to be able to become ready. You're a life saver, it's becoming scary, to say the least...
- Chuck "

"Hi my name is Colby Morris, I'm here in Firestone CO just outside Longmont. I have looked over this guide and I can say that it is.... Amazing! I love the amount of time you put into making this for people like me that want to survive and be peaceful when anything happens. I love the way you put everything together so that if anything happens while in gone I know my family will know what to do if I am not there. I have a binder right next to my gun of all the amazing info I have from you. And I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for people like us. I hope one day I could shake your hand and meet you. Thanks for everything you have done for our amazing country and what you are doing now. Godspeed and good luck to you and your family no matter what happens.
God bless,
- Colby Morris"

"Frank that shows class. You're not out to just make a buck. You're a family man just like me concerned with the goings on in this world today & how we can keep our families safe. But you take it a step further & let folks know not only can they be safe in whatever crisis there may be but they can fight back & be prosperous in any crisis. Frank you just showed me with that email you just sent that you are not just another oblivious person trying to make a buck on others emotions but rather you want other families to be able to protect themselves just as you would your own family, that says a lot & I appreciate it thank you.
- Loren Summers "
We literally have hundreds of letters just like this and get more every week, it's awesome to hear from our customers like you.
 I just had 2,000 copies of the book printed up and it cost me over $7,440, each book costs $3.72 to print. I can't spend that kind of money again so once these 2,000 copies are gone, they're gone - I would highly recommend you claim your free copy right now
And I almost forgot to mention, not only are you getting a free copy of Financial Armageddon, you also get 365 days of FREE 1-on-1 support and consultation with the most experienced firearms, survival, security and preparedness experts in the country. We're here to answer any questions you have.

If you have any questions at all you can just pick up the phone or type up an email and you'll have your answers immediately.

Our customers rave about how fantastic the help and support they get is, just take a look at a few of the letters we've gotten in the last few days...

Yes, A Full Year Of 100% FREE Help To Show You How To Do Everything You Could Ever Need And Answer Any Question You Have...
"You know, it is a pleasure to deal with a company which considers the
customer as a equal! You have always been there to answer my questions
as requested, and that shows class, and pride for which you work.
Thanks again,
- John"

"I want you to know that I think your service is outstanding.
The messages were prompt and very courteous. Keep up the good work and
Good Luck to you.
- Sandra Barbee"

 Go ahead click the green button and claim your free copy of Financial Armageddon and 365 days of email and 1-on-1 phone support absolutely free. There are no catches, no hidden billing.
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