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According To The FBI A Home Invasion Happens
Every 20 Seconds In The United States
The FBI's most recent public data shows that over $3.9 Billion was lost due to burglaries in 2014. That means the average burglary victim loses at least $2,551 from a home invasion. And most victims lose much more.

I want to make sure your home is never broken into and you never lose a penny or have to deal with the terrors of a home invasion.

In America huge corporations like Brinks, ADT and the other big security companies have fed us a line of B.S. over the last decade.

You’ve seen the commercials, they go something like this.

“Did you know a burglary happens every 20 seconds in the U.S.? Well if you install our fancy alarm system you’ll never have to worry about being robbed, and even better you’ll get a discount on your homeowners insurance!”

These are multi-billion dollar corporations and they spend tens of millions every year running TV ads, Radio ads, sending salesmen door to door and every other form of marketing you can imagine, and we buy into it, hook, line and sinker.

They offer “free installation and free equipment” if you’ll just sign up for their monthly monitoring plans. Then you pay them every month for the rest of your life to “monitor” your house.

And what do you get out of it?
Home Alarms Are Only Meant To Deter Criminals, Not Stop Them
The average response time for police responding to a home alarm is 20 to 40 minutes according to an article in the New York Times - 20 to 40 minutes!

In more rural or suburban communities the response time may be faster, but you’re still looking at 10 minutes or more before anyone gets to your door.

Do you think a thief can get his job done in less than 10 minutes? A typical home robbery takes 5 to 8 minutes, maybe 10 if they’re amateurs.

Meaning, you’ve been robbed before the police even show up and the crooks are long gone. And that’s the best possible outcome.

What if you happen to be in your home when the door crashes in? You could be in store for the most terrifying 5-8 minutes of your entire life. Your fancy alarm system didn’t do a  thing to protect your home or your family.
It’s Disturbing How Vulnerable Your Home Is

Seeing an 8-inch sign stuck in the grass out front saying “Monitored By ADT” doesn’t deter them one bit. If a criminal is going to break into your house an alarm isn’t going to stop them.

And all it takes is one hard kick to break in your front door.

Just one well placed kick around the door handle will break in 75% of front doors.

Or a couple hard yanks on your sliding glass door to lift the entire thing right out of its frame.

Your home is your castle and it should be just as strong as one.

And that’s exactly why I developed the Bullet Proof Home Security System for you.

It’s based on my years of experience as a military police officer and the skills I’ve developed and fine-tuned over the last decade.

As a military policeman I’ve worked closely with several local and state police departments.

I’ve collected all the knowledge they have about home protection. And I created a system to turn your home into a reinforced bunker that will keep you safe regardless of what’s happening outside or who wants to get in.

You’ll find out how to identify every weak point in your current home security. You’ll know how to find the weaknesses that thieves and looters will see as opportunities.
The Bulletproof Home Security System Will
Show You Things Like...

  • How to protect your front door so no man can ever break it down. 85% of home invasions take place at the front door and this simple system will give you 5 simple ways to turn your front door into a hardened barricade. And an inexpensive trip to your local hardware store will give you everything you need.
  • A simple flick of a hammer is all it takes to for an intruder to break through your window. You’ll discover the skills to turn your windows into nearly unbreakable panes of “transparent steel.”
  • One of the easiest places for thieves and intruders to gain access to your home is one that almost no one ever considers a risk. A few simple hidden screws will completely remove this point of entry.
  • There is one place in your home that is made to be broken into by design. Thousands of home invasions happen here but no one thinks to just remove the opportunity for intruders. You can remove this access point completely with a single snip of your scissors, if you know where and what to snip.
  • How to keep criminals and any unwanted visitors from ever sneaking up to your house without you knowing, this is one of my favorite parts.
  • For anyone over 65 this system is even more valuable. You may not have the physical strength to fight off an intruder. So you must fortify your home and make sure no one can ever get in without your permission.
  • How to keep a SWAT team from smashing through your doors, walls and windows whenever they please. And at the same time help law enforcement if you do need them.
  • What's the right kind of surveillance equipment and how to use it to actually deter criminals rather than just record them.
  • How to protect an apartment. Apartments can be difficult to protect by their very nature, you'll discover the system steps to solve this problem
  • And that's just the first few sections. Wait till you find out about Panic Rooms, amazing stuff...
One Question People Ask Me Is If You Need Any Special Skills To Bulletproof You Home...
The answer is No, if you own a power drill and can get to the hardware store with $50 in your pocket then you have all the skills you need to create a home so secure a swat team would have trouble breaking in.

You'll literally save thousands by not having to pay for a home alarm and have an even more secure home by using the Bulletproof Home Security System.

The average alarm system costs around $50 per month in monitoring fees, and taxes that's $600 per year for something that wouldn't keep a 5 year old out of a cookie jar.

And to celebrate the first printed release of the Bulletproof Home Security System and to get the word out you can get your copy for FREE today.

The Bulletproof Home Security System Sells Elsewhere for $37, 
But You Can Get Yours For Free Today!
Why on Earth are we giving it away for free?

Another simple answer for you - Because No One Should Ever Feel Unsafe In Their Own Home!

You deserve to sleep soundly, without one eye open, without wondering if the dangers on our streets will spill into your home.

And to celebrate the first printing run of the Bulletproof Home Security System we've decided to give away these first 2,000 copies.
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Here's What A Few Of Our Customers Have To Say...

"THANK YOU, Frank!
I have taken your advice and am ready if anything happens....look forward to your emails so I can read and realize what I didn't think or the things you talk about.Thank You for allowing us who haven't been through this kind of thing, to be able to become ready. You're a life saver, it's becoming scary, to say the least...
- Chuck "

"Hi my name is Colby Morris, I'm here in Firestone CO just outside Longmont. I have looked over this guide and I can say that it is.... Amazing! I love the amount of time you put into making this for people like me that want to survive and be peaceful when anything happens. I love the way you put everything together so that if anything happens while in gone I know my family will know what to do if I am not there. I have a binder right next to my gun of all the amazing info I have from you. And I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for people like us. I hope one day I could shake your hand and meet you. Thanks for everything you have done for our amazing country and what you are doing now. Godspeed and good luck to you and your family no matter what happens.
God bless,
- Colby Morris"

"Frank that shows class. You're not out to just make a buck. You're a family man just like me concerned with the goings on in this world today & how we can keep our families safe. But you take it a step further & let folks know not only can they be safe in whatever crisis there may be but they can fight back & be prosperous in any crisis. Frank you just showed me with that email you just sent that you are not just another oblivious person trying to make a buck on others emotions but rather you want other families to be able to protect themselves just as you would your own family, that says a lot & I appreciate it thank you.
- Loren Summers "
We literally have hundreds of letters just like this and get more every week, it's awesome to hear from our customers like you.
 I just had 2,000 copies of the book printed up and it cost me over $7,440, each book costs $3.72 to print. I can't spend that kind of money again so once these 2,000 copies are gone, they're gone - I would highly recommend you claim your free copy right now
And I almost forgot to mention, not only are you getting a free copy of the Bulletproof Home Security System, the 3 volumes of our Home Defense Firearms training series, AND you also get 365 days of FREE 1-on-1 support and consultation with the most experienced firearms, survival, security and preparedness experts in the country. We're here to answer any questions you have.

If you have any questions at all you can just pick up the phone or type up an email and you'll have your answers immediately.

Our customers rave about how fantastic the help and support they get is, just take a look at a few of the letters we've gotten in the last few days...

"You know, it is a pleasure to deal with a company which considers the
customer as a equal! You have always been there to answer my questions
as requested, and that shows class, and pride for which you work.
Thanks again,
- John"

"I want you to know that I think your service is outstanding.
The messages were prompt and very courteous. Keep up the good work and
Good Luck to you.
- Sandra Barbee"

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FBI Burglary Statistics: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2014/crime-in-the-u.s.-2014/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/burglary