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"Just got your "Arm Up System". Read it and want to thank you! Best Info I've yet found on what I was looking for. Thanks, and GOD Bless America.
- Francis" 

From: Frank Mitchell

Re: Your Free Copy Of The Arm Up System

Right Now The US Government Is
Taking Away Your Right To Bear Arms...
When your life and the lives of your family are at risk what’s the one thing you can rely on?

What’s the one thing that can keep you safe no matter what you have to face? It’s your God given right and you should be able to own and bear it with pride.

Your Gun.

Nothing is more American and “They” are trying to take them away from you. The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to own, buy and bear firearms in any legal way you choose.

The Founding Fathers had it right in the first place.

But, our Government, if you can call it that, blatantly defies the original laws of our country and passes law after law that threatens to take away your Constitutional rights…

They don’t care, plain and simple.

The United States is facing an onslaught of draconian legislation meant to prevent law-abiding citizens like you from not only purchasing new firearms. The powers that be are also rendering illegal the firearms you already legally possess!

These unconstitutional and frankly illegal schemes will ultimately lead to nationwide firearm registration, which will lead to only one thing…

The confiscation of your personal firearms, turning the citizens of this great country into unarmed victims.

A country of unarmed citizens is a country of people with no power and no way to defend themselves from the dangers of everyday life.

Drugs, home invasion, social unrest, and crimes of any type, your family will be completely vulnerable.

And even worse, with no way to defend yourself from the long arms of our government.
Your Rights Are Being Stripped Away With Nearly Every New Gun Law That’s Passed...
Are you going to stand for it?

I truly hope your answer isn’t just “No”

You should be standing up and saying, “Hell No!”

I’m Frank Mitchell, a proud member of the US Armed Forces former licensed firearms manufacturer,  personal defense and survival expert.

And I’m going to show you how to arm yourself to keep your family safe, happy and healthy, no matter what you have to face.

About 18 months ago I decided to share my knowledge with the public and over 21,000 people clamored to get access to the only complete system on the market that gives you the tools, training and techniques to keep your current firearms safe and legally acquire new ones in today's crazy times...

Today, and today only you can claim a copy of my best selling book the "Arm Up System". And you can get it for free...

21,773 people have already paid $37 each for their copy of my book, and they discovered things like:
  • How to understand the current gun laws and use them to your benefit. There are subtle nuances to today’s gun laws and if you don’t know them all you’re putting yourself in extreme risk.
  • The truth about our current administration, the mainstream media and exactly what they’re doing to your 2nd Amendment rights. It’s not pretty, but you’ll see exactly what’s going on, why it’s happening and how to avoid pigeonholing yourself into their web of lies.
  • The true definition of a firearm. This may seem like a silly topic, but it’s actually one of the most important things you must understand in order to protect yourself and your guns from oversight and regulation. Most people think “a gun is a gun” and they couldn’t be more wrong about that. This is the single most powerful piece of knowledge you can attain and I’ll show you exactly how on page 10.
  • What ATF forms are the ones that put you at the most risk? My vast experience as a former gun dealer and manufacturer gives me a unique insight into the “paper trail” you’re forced into as a gun owner. You’ll learn exactly which are the ones that will put you at the most risk and how to legally avoid them.
  • On page 27 you’ll discover the exact steps you can take today to put your existing firearms out of sight from the government’s prying eyes. This advanced technique will allow you to secure your existing weapons and make sure they stay where you intend them to, in your family.
  • Exactly where to go to legally acquire firearms without a single piece of paperwork. Some of the most practical and functional firearms for home defense are already available for sale right now, but you probably don’t even know where to look. You’ll learn the exact places to go and rules you must follow to acquire a firearm without the need of any paperwork or federal registration.
  • The one type of modern, off-the-shelf firearm you can purchase today without any hassles. This type of gun may be a bit “out of the ordinary,” but that’s exactly what makes them such an incredible resource for you. On page 35 you’ll discover exactly what this “unusual” type of firearm is and how you can use it to keep your family alive in any crisis situation.

So What Do People Think Of My Little Book?
Like I said, 21,733 people have already bought the Arm Up System and they gladly paid $37 for it, luckily you can grab your copy for free today. They found so much value in it that I've received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from all around the World, and here are just a few:

"Hey Frank, Thanks for all the info. Pistols: I will be trying all the semi hand guns with in the week as you have simplified my choices, thanks for that.
- Craig  Ramsby"

"THANK YOU, Frank!
I have taken your advice and am ready if anything happens....look forward to your emails so I can read and realize what I didn't think or the things you talk about.Thank You for allowing us who haven't been through this kind of thing, to be able to become ready. You're a life saver, it's becoming scary, to say the least...
- Chuck "

"Hi my name is Colby Morris, I'm here in Firestone CO just outside Longmont. I have looked over this guide and I can say that it is.... Amazing! I love the amount of time you put into making this for people like me that want to survive and be peaceful when anything happens. I love the way you put everything together so that if anything happens while in gone I know my family will know what to do if I am not there. I have a binder right next to my gun of all the amazing info I have from you. And I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for people like us. I hope one day I could shake your hand and meet you. Thanks for everything you have done for our amazing country and what you are doing now. Godspeed and good luck to you and your family no matter what happens. 
God bless, 
- Colby Morris" 

"Just bought your "Arm Up System".  Read it and want to thank you!  Best Info I've yet found on what I was looking for.  Thanks, and GOD Bless America.
- Francis"

Plus - I'm Going To Send You Free Access To My Newest Video Training Series Called
"Endless Ammo"
The Endless Ammo video training series  will show you exactly how to legally make your own ammunition for your firearms.

If you've been watching the ammo market over the last few years you've seen the shortages, price gouging and how downright hard it is to get ammo for your guns. Every month it becomes harder and more expensive for Americans to buy ammunition.

And without ammo your gun is useless, unless you're planning on pistol whipping anyone who breaks into your home....

You'll be able to watch in high def video as I show you exactly how to make your own ammunition, exactly the tools and materials you need and how to do it all safely (very important).

It normally retails for $77, but I'll send you access to the entire video series completely free when you claim your FREE copy of the Arm Up System today. You'll get complete access to our private website via email as soon as you complete your book order and be able to watch the videos right away.
Claim Your Free Copy Of The Arm Up System And I'll Send You The Endless Ammo Video Training Series 100% Free As My Way Of Saying "Thanks"
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I just had 2,000 copies of the Arm Up System printed up and it cost me $9,860, each book costs $4.93 to print. I can't spend that kind of money again so once these 2,000 copies are gone, they're gone - I would highly recommend you claim your free copy right now
Not only are you getting a free copy of the Arm Up System and a free access to the Endless Ammo videos, but you also get 365 days of FREE 1-on-1 support and consultation with me. I'm here to answer any questions you have.
If you have any questions at all you can just pick up the phone or type up an email and you'll have your answers immediately. 

Our customers rave about how fantastic the help and support they get is, just take a look at a few of the letters we've gotten in the last few days...

"You know, it is a pleasure to deal with a company which considers the 
customer as a equal! You have always been there to answer my questions 
as requested, and that shows class, and pride for which you work.
Thanks again,
- John"

"I want you to know that I think your service is outstanding.
The messages were prompt and very courteous. Keep up the good work and
Good Luck to you.
- Sandra Barbee"

Go ahead click the green button and claim your free copy of the Arm Up System and get the Arm Up System and 365 days of email and 1-on-1 phone support absolutely free. There are no catches, no hidden billing.

Make sure to send in your feedback once you get your copy, I'd love to hear from you...

Always Safe, Always Prepared,

Frank Mitchell
A Few More Testimonials From Our Incredible Customers....

"Thanks for staying in touch, and providing the analysis of Rifle or Handgun.
I figured even if the materials were not great I might learn something. I was greatly surprised and impressed with the quality of what I received, and the excellent content.
I am a US Army veteran, five years Active, and eight in reserve, and I have trained on and fired the M-60, the M-72 Grenade Launcher, hand grenades, the M-14 and the M-16, including the US Army model with selector switch to allow auto fire option, and the Model 1911 pistol, which was still the approved sidearm when I left active duty in 1978.
I found your materials to be at the very top of what I have seen, extremely practical well written, and well presented.
Thanks for making your material available.  I'm am now an entertainment lawyer working in music and film as well as a gun collector, cowboy shooter, musician and songwriter. I still enjoy my work and my family and I sure hope that we don't ever experience anarchy in the streets, but if that happens I plan to be as ready as possible to protect my family by being able to survive in an off the grid shutdown which presents the possibility of life threatening conflict.
Thanks for contributing your very important and valuable material to the "what if" scenario.  It should be the first thing read by anyone who seeks to become educated and prepared for a large scale emergency situation.

Bill W, Florida"

"I am very impressed with all the useful information you have provided. I thank you. I am a satisfied customer.  I look forward to learning more.
Thanks again,
- B. Hess

"Frank that shows class. You're not out to just make a buck. You're a family man just like me concerned with the goings on in this world today & how we can keep our families safe. But you take it a step further & let folks know not only can they be safe in whatever crisis there may be but they can fight back & be prosperous in any crisis. Frank you just showed me with that email you just sent that you are not just another oblivious person trying to make a buck on others emotions but rather you want other families to be able to protect themselves just as you would your own family, that says a lot & I appreciate it thank you.
- Loren Summers "

I've received hundreds of letters and emails just like these and love every single one we get! People feel safer because of the Arm Up System and now it's your turn.

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